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Norman Teeling

Born in Dublin in 1944, Norman Teeling is a graduate of the National College of ART and design in Dublin, Ireland. He received a Degree in Art and his teaching credential and taught Art in many colleges in Dublin for over 12 years.

On deciding in the early 1980's to take up painting full-time, he was initially fascinated with water-colours, particularly in relation to sky and sea, but he eventually adopted oils as his favourite medium and the main thrust of his work has now evolved in a semi-impressionist style. While Norman's paintings include many local scenes of the costal region of north Dublin, his outlook and insight have been sharpened by his travel abroad, particularly in the US, France and Norway.

Norman Teeling has exhibited paintings in many Dublin Galleries including The Green Gallery, Gorry Gallery, Molesworth Street, The Blue Leaf Gallery and the Harbour Gallery . Amongst those who have bought or been presented with one of his paintings are Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, former Taoiseach Charles Haughey, Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume.

A true mark of the artist's versatility and an undoubted acknowledgement of his talent are the ten paintings commissioned in 1988, which are on permanent display in the General Post Office, Dublin (G.P.O) depicting the events surrounding the 1916 Rising.



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